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In order to recharge online, your MÓBILIS CARD:

  • Must be in perfect condition, and be verified and authorised by the Móbilis system.
  • Must have been charged with a BonoBús Plus at least once at a physical POS and the BonoBus Plus magnetic stripe must be active, even when it has no more valid journeys.
  • The Móbilis system allows you to charge up to 2 different concepts on each card, provided they are compatible. BonoBús Plus is only compatible with BonoMetro. All other concepts are incompatible, and would make it impossible to recharge the purchase on a bus.
  • BonoBús Plus is limited to a maximum credit of 30 journeys at any one time. When charging the card, make sure that the number of journeys (taking into account the unused journeys already charged to the card) does not exceed the maximum limit. However, in the event of exceeding the limit, you will have 14 days to recharge the excess journeys as you use the journeys charged to the card. Journeys will be charged in blocks of 10, in accordance with the card’s capacity. If the excess journeys have not been recharged by the end of this period, you must go to the Service Office when you have free capacity on your card in order to recharge the card with the excess journeys.
  • It is advisable to recharge the card before you run out of journeys. Thus, in the event of incidents when using the card you will still be able to effect your journey. In such an event, take the card to the EMT Service Office in order to resolve the problem.

In order to effect payment, you must be aware that your BANK CARD:

  • May a credit or a debit card.
  • Remember that you must provide the details of the credit or debit card, as well as the corresponding security codes.
  • Upon completion of the operation, a confirmation message will appear on the screen indicating that the purchase has been carried out successfully. You will also receive an email with confirmation of the purchase at the address provided.

Remember that, in order to use the journeys charged to the card when travelling by bus:

  • You must have purchased the journeys at least 30 minutes prior to taking a bus. This is the period required to ensure that our buses have received information relative to your recharge and that your card will be recharged when validated on a bus.
  • The recharges are updated on the cards 10 in 10 trips for each validation. That is, if you have purchased a recharge of 20 trips, with the first validation after the purchase 10 trips will be loaded onto your card and with the second the remaining 10. In the case of a 30 recharge, the system will need at least 3 validations to load all purchases. This is a technical update for security and system reliability reasons.
  • Insert the card into the validator for a few seconds until you are notified that it has been recharged and the corresponding journey validated.
  • In the event of any incidents, take the card to the EMT Costumer Service Office . You are advised to keep and present your receipt.
  • You may report the incident to the bus driver in order that he/she inform you of the possible cause (for example, “Maximum number of credited journeys exceeded”). In this case, remember that the recharge will remain valid during the 14 days following the purchase. If you use the necessary number of journeys, the card will be recharged with blocks of 10 journeys until the total number of outstanding journeys has been recharged. If, following this period, you have not used enough journeys to enable the outstanding journeys to be recharged, you may visit the Service Office to have the outstanding journeys recharged to another card, or visit the office once you have used all your journeys in order to discharge the pending journeys from the system.
If you have any queries, you may call or visit our Costumer Service Office, or use the forms available in our website.


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