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What is it?

quees appEMT

It is an EMT (Public Transport Bus) App, offers updated information (when your bus arrives, calculate or check routes and schedules ...) and to recharge your Mobilis Card.

What Transport Tickets can I recharge?

quetitulospuedocargar appEMT

Bonobús, EMTJove and EMT Família Nombrosa


requisitosparainstalar appEMT

Having a smartphone with data plan (Android, iOS)

How to install?

comoinstalo appEMT

Enter GooglePlay or App Store and install the App EMT Valencia

Do I need a plastic card Móbilis?

necetotarjetamobilis appEMT

YES. You must have a mobilis card previously acquired at any point of sale with a first recharge, and on do the following charges on your phone.

How long takes to activate the purchase on my card?

cuantotiempotarda appEMT

About 30 minutes

How many trips can I recharge?

cuantosviajespuedocargar appEMT

Maximun 30 trips (10 to 10 trips)

How do I get on the bus?

comosuboalbus appEMT

With your card Móbilis (Touching in and out on the card rider machine near the driver)

How much does it cost?

cualeselcoste appEMT

Free. You only pay the recharges that you buy. Before any charge, the system will always ask for confirmation.

Is the payment secure?

pagoseguro appEMT

Yes, the SIM card securely manages your financial data cards.



recuerda_roREMEMBER: Be proactive and do not expect to exhaust all
your trips of  Bonobús to recharge.
It is advisable to print and keep your sales receipt
once confirmed.