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EMT Valencia 2011 - 1986


- 100% lines certified with AENOR 13816 quality seal

- New website

- EMT celebrates 25th Anniversary

- Acquisition of 25 new buses in 2012

- EMT signatory to the Global Compact

- Implementation of Safety Workshops for adults: "Your safety matters to us"

- Hospitals, Universities, City of Justice, etc., Proximity Campaign

- EMT participates in the European project: "Smart Way"

- Renewal and updating of EMT corporate image, including the name Valencia in the logo



2010 +INFO


- New EMT Customer Service Office (CSO) in Colon Metro Station

- Installation of new, more compact digital ticket dispensers (CTU)

- Valencia, the first Spanish city to use "Google Transit" to plan bus, metro and tram routes

- The Tempus hybrid bus starts trial routes in the city of Valencia

- Photo Contest: "The EMT green bus"

- The City Council allocates 64 million euros to EMT

- The Customer Satisfaction Index (CSI) Survey rates EMT as notable

- EMT Valencia obtains an Honourable Mention in the 2009 Prever Award for occupational risk prevention

- New Bus Plus Bus Pass

- Presentation of 20 new biodiesel buses and 5 new CNG buses

- Innovation Day: exchange of experiences in EMT, in collaboration with the Innovation Club

- EMT service to the new La Fe Hospital and the new Joaquin Sorolla AVE train station.

- 270 digital information panels on canopies and poles

- The Board of Directors increases EMT’s capital by 11 million euros

- New phone SMS eBus 21 7712

- Partial strikes at EMT

- Improvements in routes: 7, 8, 11, 13, 18, 23, 61, 64, 35 and N7

- Extension of night bus timetable



2009 +INFO


- Launch of MÓBILIS card: Gold and Plus Bus Passes

- I Edition “Singulares” Award

- 162 new electronic bus stops

- Update of night transport network

- Chamber of Commerce Award

- Europe Ohsas certification

- Special Formula 1 Services

- 15 new biodiesel buses. EMT 100% ecological

- EMT draws closer to the University

- EMT Valencia, Vice President of ATUC

- Purchase of 20 new buses

- EMT freezes prices for 2010



2008 +INFO

- Signing of Collective Agreement 2008-2011

- Conclusion European e-Mobility Project

- E-Bus service on all EMT routes

- New corporate image on buses

- Suppression of prices sections in EMT

- Safety Information campaign "The most important thing is you"

- Collaboration between EMT and Local Police in relation to Bus lane

- 9 articulated buses for route 90

- New routes 64 "Benicalap-Parc Central"

- New Citizen Proximity Plan

- Launch of new Móbilis card




2007 +INFO

- Incorporation of 40 new CNG buses

- Launch of real-time information service: canopies, eBus service and SMS messages

- Updating and improving of bus routes: 10, 11, 14, 15, 16, 31, 40, 60, 62, 89, 90 and night buses: N2, N3, N5 and N6

- New bus route to facilitate travel to the Port for the America's Cup: C19

- More than 15,000 children have participated in the "Adopt your bus” campaign

- Bus stop accessibility improvement plan

- Launch of new EMT website incorporating destination search

- New facilities for maintenance of articulated and natural gas buses

- UNE EM 13916 Quality Certification for routes 13, 276 and 89




2006 +INFO


- UNE EN 13816 Quality Certificate for routes 19 and 95

- EMT turns 20: commemorative ticket and edition of the book: "Trams, trolleybuses and buses. The Valencia Municipal Transport Company"

- Modification of routes 1, 2, 3, 4, 19, 30 and N1B due to redesign of Avenida del Puerto

- New Origin-Destination survey

- Presentation of 15 new CNG buses

- Incorporation into special "Door to Door" services of 2 new adapted buses

- End of LIFE URBANAT project: final results, workshop and presentation in Brussels

- A million travellers used EMT for the V Meeting of Families and the Pope's visit

- Updating of bus routes: 17, 61 and 95

- Restructuring of the night bus service: new route N8

- Presentation of 23 new articulated buses

- Preparation for launch of APunt




2005 +INFO

- Purchase of 40 new CNG buses and 23 articulated buses

- Presentation of ISO 14001 Environmental Certification

- Presentation of UNE-EN 13816 Quality Certification to route 5. First Spanish company to obtain this quality standard for urban bus transportation

- New night bus route N10

- Signing of EMT-Renfe Collaboration Agreement




- 2 new Dennis Dart Habbit adapted buses for "Door to Door” service

- Collaboration Agreement between EMT and Gas Natural Soluciones

- Presentation of new EMT Interactive Urban Transport Guide

- Signing of EMT 4-year Collective Agreement: 2004-2007

- EMT updates its website: www.emtvalencia.es

- Modification of night bus route N1 into two lines: N1A “Pl. de l’Ajuntament-La Malva-Rosa” and N1B “Pl. de l’Ajuntament-Natzaret”

- Donation of 7 buses to Cuba

- Route 1 to Valencia al Mar Hospital

- Promotional Campaign for LIFE ECOBUS project "Used oil is our fuel" and presentation of the project in Brussels, Portugal, France and the European Parliament in Strasbourg

- Opening of new Compressed Gas Station in San Isidro and presentation of 15 new CNG buses

- Presentation in November of 41 new buses and opening of the exhibition: "Evolution of the EMT fleet in the last 10 years"




- Presentation of 60 new buses

- Technical Conference on Urban Transport in Valencia

- New Operational Assistance Service (SAE)

- Acquisition of 15 Natural Gas buses

- Incorporation of three hybrid buses for route 5, Ciutat Vella

- ECOBUS pilot test

- EMT-Tragamovil collaboration

- New 2- and 3-day Valencia Tourist Card

- Urbanbat Project





- The euro, new currency

- Implementation of the new EMT organisational model

- EMT moves offices to new Headquarters

- Plan of Action for the implementation and certification of Environmental Management System in accordance with ISO 14001

- Purchase of 60 low-floor buses equipped with ramps

- 3 new hybrid buses

- 2 new adapted hybrid buses

- "EMT-News” Magazine

- Wrap-round rear bus advertising

- ECOBUS project

- 1-day Valencia Tourist Card





- January 1 saw the launch of the 3rd phase of the route Remodelling Plan, which includes the updating of routes 23, 28, 35 and 95

- Extended night bus routes during the weekend

- New natural gas bus experience

- Customer Orientation Plan

- Peseta to Euro Transition Information Campaign

- Presentation of 40 new buses





- January 30, new combined EMT, Metro and Metrobus transport cards go on sale: Travel Pass, replacing the T-30

- April 1, 5B consolidated as a regular route

- In September and October the 1st and 2nd phase of the remodelling plan was launched, affecting routes: 6, 8, 11, 15, 18, 30, 31, 32, 40, 41, 71 and N3

- New transport card for over-65s Gold Bus Pass

- Presentation of 40 new low-floor, ramp-equipped buses




- May 26, opening of the North Deposit in Serrería

- Presentation of 42 new buses

- New 5B route with 3 6m hybrid ALTROBUS buses, in testing phase



- Laying of foundation stones of the North Deposit and the new Corporate Headquarters

- Presentation of 42 new low-floor buses equipped ramps and kneeling system

- New Man 11.220 adapted bus

- New T-1 Tourist Card

- Urban furniture renewal plan and new signage for EMT

- Transport card points of sale network extended via La Caixa.



- April 22, presentation of 55 new Renault Citybus buses, of which 6 equipped with ramps and kneeling system

- Approval of New Corporate Headquarters and North Depot Works Execution Projects

- Ecological Natural Gas Bus

- Tourist Bus Presentation: Route 5



- November 9, launch of new EMT-FGV combined tickets in the ​​Valencia city area as part of the first phase of the Price Coordination: 10 and T-30 Bus Pass

- New EMT price system: incorporation of ticket validation and vending machines on uses

- Incorporation of 21 low-floor Mercedes O 405 N2 buses, 9 of which have ramps and kneeling systems

- April 26, the Valencia City Council agrees to ascribe a municipally owned building to the Transport and Traffic Delegation, located in Ciutat Vella, for new EMT headquarters

- 1st experience with Bio-buses using fuels made from agricultural products, such as sunflower ester

- “EMT North Depot Project Implementation and Works Management Agreement” signed with the University





- April 26, opening of the new Central Workshops and San Isidro South Depot

- Remodelling of Portalet and outfitting of Camino Hondo temporary depot

- New route 73 "La Parreta-San Isidro"

- Presentation of 10 new R-312 buses

- Drafting of the Expropriation Project for future North Depot in Serrería

- EMT named best company of the year 1995



- April 30, Mayor of Valencia Rita Barbera lays the foundation stone of Central Workshops and San Isidro South Depot

- Constitution of the Metropolitan Transport Plan Executive Committee

- Corporate Social Capital increase

- EMT Fleet Renewal Plan, including EMT of 160 new buses for four years

- 2 new adapted Man 10.180 HOCL buses

- Route 18: “Malilla-Barcas”



- Metropolitan Transport Plan designed, based on Valencia Regional Government Law 1/91 on Valencia Metropolitan Transportation Planning

- Approval of General Plan for new Central Workshops and San Isidro South Depot



- Agreement with Valencia Polytechnic University for the drafting of the General Plan and subsequent project for new Central Workshops and San Isidro South Depot

- New ID cards for pensioners

- Purchase of 41 new Renault 312 buses

- Route 36 arrives to Vinalesa



- 57 new PR 100.2 buses

- New Red Youth Card with 25% discount




- 31 new Renault PR-100.2 buses

- 2 MAN buses adapted for special reduced mobility service

- 6 new routes: 91, 14, 15, 36, 10 and 29

- New stops



- 60 new buses Renault PR-100.2 buses

- New transport card points of sale network: Tabacalera SA and Association of Newspapers Vendors

- New Public Information Office



- The Board of Directors agrees to purchase new, air-conditioned Renault PR-100.2 buses




- 56 new Pegaso 6420 units

- New CDV Vehicle Diagnostic Centred, launched in collaboration with the Polytechnic University of Valencia Thermal Engine and Machine Department

- New special routes to beach: 20, 21 and 22

- New canopies




1986 +INFO


- January 17, creation of Empresa Municipal de Transportes de Valencia, S.A.