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On the bus

  • gentedentrobusHow to behave in case of emergency on the bus.

  • Once you are on the bus try not to obstruct the access to other people and try to situate yourself at the back of the bus.

  • Try to leave free space in front of the doors not to obstruct the exiting passengers.

  • When you move around inside the bus, you must use the bars and handholds to prevent possible falls. If you are travelling with a small child, you must take extreme care for his/her safety.

  • Be aware of the seats signalling preference for people with mobility problems,with babies, elders and pregnant women. We must be considerate with those people who need it, yielding them the seat and helping them if they need it.

  • Don't forget to use the safety belt in the area reserved for wheelchairs and remember that if you use a pram you must be next to it holding it securely during your trip.

  • Attend to the requirements of the inspection staff. Their function is to assure quality of service, and facilitating them their task favors us all.

  • You must firmly carry, your backpack, trolley, suitcases, prams , etc... without obstructing the passage ways. The rest of the travellers will thank you for it.

  • You must keep the ticket, pass or card during the entire journey, showing it to any employee of the company at their request. Travelling without the correct ticket, pass or card obliges you to pay the price of the ordinary ticket plus a sanction for an amount aproximately 6 times that of the ordinary ticket as well as the withdrawal or cards and passes for personal use.

  • The personalized cards and their passes are nontransferable. Any manipulation or fraudulent use, will originate the corresponding sanction and withdrawal.

  • Peddling, begging and the distribution of advertising, promotional materials, brochures, informative sheets or any other similar items on the bus is prohibited.

  • For safety reasons and out of respect for the rest of the travellers the following things are not allowed on the bus:

    • Smoking.

    • Causing troublesome and unnecessary noises.

    • Talking to the driver about anything except the service.

    • Eating, consuming alcoholic drinks or toxic drugs, narcotics or psychotropic substances, also any acts contrary to the good communal life such as spitting, grafiti, to deteriorate the equipment of vehicles and stops, to throw objects, scraps or papers on the ground or out the window.

    • Using sound devices that could bother other passengers.

    • In general, anything that could disturb the decorum that must reign on the bus and is contrary to a good civic spirit.


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