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When getting on

  • alsubirTry to keep your card ready mobilis before boarding the bus to validate it quickly. Remember that before you validate it to show the driver. Found to have been validated and printed travel data correctly. Otherwise tell the driver.

  • If you do not have a ticket, you can buy one off the driver. Remember that paying the exact money is of great help to all. The driver will give you in cash up to 10 euros in change, and when the change is bigger, he will give you a voucher which you can cash in the next day at the Customer Service Office for the amount of chance you need.

  • Remember children younger than 6 years of age travel for free but without the right to a seat if accompanied by someone. The gratuitousness is limited to two children per paid journey.

  • If for some reason not possible to cancel your card mobilis, have to pay the ticket and approach the Customer Service Office.

  • In any case you will not be able to access the bus:

    • With items, equipment or luggage that is liable to disturb or prevent movement inside the vehicle, for other users. Shopping trolleys, suitcases and prams are excluded from such a consideration. You must be specially careful with prams, they must be held adequately.

    • You are also not allowed to carry on the bus:

    • eequipment, luggage or devices, that due to their size or weight, or their technical, or physical characteristics, smell or other circumstances could be a bother to other users or can damage the operating or navigation systems, incorporated on the bus.

    • Any animals, except guide-dogs.

    • Explosive or dangerous substances.

    • Being in a situation that goes against the respect for the rest of the passengers.


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