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Before getting on

  • antesdesubriYou can catch buses at bus shelters and posts (bus stops), where you will find specific information about the bus lines that stop there, as well as general information about the entire metropolitan bus network of Valencia.

  • When your bus approaches, you should put your hand out to signal to the driver that you want to get on. Signal far enough in advance that the driver has time to stop.

  • If several buses arrive at the stop at the same time and your bus is behind another, you should walk up to your bus to get on.

  • Do not try to get on the bus until it has stopped completely. Do not try to board when the doors are closing and it is about to set off.

  • You must board the bus via the front door, unless you use a wheelchair or a double stroller, in which case you should use the centre door.

  • To board the bus with a regular stroller (for a single infant) you will have to use the front door. We recommend that you fold the stroller; however, you can choose not do so at your own risk. You are also responsible for appropriate positioning of the stroller and your baby's safety. People using double strollers (more than one infant), will be able to board the bus via the centre door, which has a ramp or elevator to help them board.

  • For safety reasons, passengers may not get on the bus when it is stopped at a red light, regardless of how close the bus is to the stop. Also remember never to cross the road in front of the bus.

  • Before getting on the bus, please have your card or money for the ticket ready. Having the exact change will make the driver's job easier and will allow other passengers to board more quickly.



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