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EMT Valencia

Pl. Correu Vell, 5
46001 Valencia

Tel. Oficina de Atención
al Cliente: 96 315 85 15

Rights and Duties

Customer Rights

  • Use of the EMT's transport service as long as he/she has a valid ticket for the current journey and it complies with the requirements.

  • Board and perform in line with a single ticket or cancel any trip without further obligation to alight before at which the customer boarded initially.

  • To be informed by the EMT about the fares, the service and its incidents.

  • To be treated by all the company's employees in an attentive, polite and friendly way.

  • Children younger than 6 years of age and who are accompanied by an adult will travel for free without the right to a seat. The gratuitousness remains limited to two children per journey paid.

  • To obtain change from the driver in cash up to 10 € for the payment of tickets, or a printed voucher with the printed amount of the change in the event of larger cuantaties, which can be cashed in at the Customer Attention Office.

  • To recover at the Customer Service Office his/her lost objects that have been found in the vehicles.

  • To make sugestions, complaints or claims to the Customer Service Office. Receiving an answer within 20 working days.

  • Guarantee of confidentiality of all the personal information that is facilitated.

  • If you are the bearer of a non temporary pass and due to breakdown or a cause for which the EMT is directly to blame, the completion of the journey and the replacement of the vehicle has been impossible, you can obtain a one voyage ticket that compensates you at the Customer Service Office.To obtain this ticket you must show the non temporary pass (wether it is an ordinary ticket, a "bonobus" or a "bono10") at the Customer Service Office.

  • According to European standard UNE-EN 13186, EMT must fulfill its commitments of the Quality standard established in the Letter of Service, as well as a copy of this letter. Registered characteristics:

    • Offered Service

    • Accessibility

    • Comfort

    • Information

    • Timetables

    • Customer Service

    • Security

    • Environmental Impact

Customer Duties

  • Prepare the pass, the license, the ticket or the money to pay the fare before going on the bus.

  • You must show the driver the pass or license both, custom ana no custom.

  • Keep the ticket, pass or license during the journey. They must be shown at the request of any EMT employee. Its absence or lack of validity obliges the paying of the ordinary ticket and a sanction for an amount 6 times that of an ordinary ticket and entails the withdrawal of the pass or license.

  • You must not obstruct the entry and exit process of other passengers.

  • You must not talk to the driver while he drives.

  • For your safety, do not try to board the bus between stops even if the bus is not moving and do not cross in front.

  • You must not travel carrying luggage or equipment that due to the size or characteristics may bother the rest of the customers or could be dangerous to them or the buses functionality. Hold especially, under carrier responsability, baby strollers (can be unfolded) and folding bikes ( must be folded ).

  • Respect the reserved seats for people with reduced mobility, with babies, elders and pregnant women.

  • You may not travel in a situation that goes against the respect towards the rest of the customers. Peddling is not allowed nor is the distribution of advertising or other materials in the interior of the bus.

  • Request your stop with the sufficient anticipation, to get on as well as to get off.

  • Do not use audio devices if they bother other travellers.



Regulations Provision and Use of Urban Transport in buses to the city of Valencia, approved by the City and apply from November 15, 2019



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