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EMT 2009


Mobilis Card

Iemt2009_01n January 1st, the Valencia Metropolitan Mobility Agency (Agencia Valenciana de Movilidad Metropolitana), Valencia Regional Railways (Ferrocarrils de la Generalitat Valenciana) and EMT Valencia launched the new “smart” Mobilis Card for passengers using the city’s passenger transport network (bus, metro and tram). Throughout the year, EMT’s Gold Pass (Bono Oro) and Bus Pass will be adapted to this new format. The Mobilis Card does away with the need to validate the tickets via vending machines and stores enough information to be able to monitor passenger habits, which in turn will allow the company to adapt itself to the needs of its users and to provide an even more efficient service. 

1st Edition of “Singulares EMT” awards

The City Council and EMT Valencia launched the 1st Edition of the “Singulares EMT” Awards. This award is designed to highlight the work of those persons, groups, entities or organisations which, altruistically and through their activity, promote and encourage the use of buses as a means of transportation. emt2009_02The winner of this 1st edition was Vicente Pruñonosa, the First Advocate General of the city of Valencia, who led the informational workshops on the Gold Pass organised by EMT in the Municipal Centre for Senior Citizen Activities throughout 2008. 

First Symposium of urban transport prevention services

In collaboration with the Social Security Occupational Accidents and Professional Illnesses Mutual nº 14, UMIVALE and ATUC, EMT Valencia organized the 1st Symposium on Urban Transport Prevention Services, which included the presence of representatives from national public transport companies (Barcelona, Madrid and Badalona). During the inaugural act, the Chairman of EMT Valencia, Alfonso Novo, encouraged those present to “continue promoting training activities aimed at the Prevention of Occupational Accidents in order to raise awareness among professionals in the urban transport sector of the need to acquire safer and more comfortable working habits that will help them to carry out their duties in the healthiest manner possible”.



SIVBC and INCORDEST projects

emt2009_03The Ministry of Development provided a grant to EMT for the implementation of two projects: SIVBC and INCORDEST. SIVBC (Variable Information System) seeks to complement the information provided to citizens and users of EMT and, in particular to people with disabilities, by means of electronic information panels located at bus stops and using audio devices or Bluetooth. INCORDEST aims to improve the mobility knowledge of EMT users through the network’s routes. Its innovative character is based on the creation of a mechanism that automates the intranet mobility of the users, providing precise information about passenger departure and arrival points. INCORDEST bases its line of action on two alternatives: the use of handheld PDA computers equipped with smart card readers, and a counting device based on image recognition technology.




‘Visit “LAS FALLAS” with the EMT network’


On 10th March, the Chairman of EMT, Alfonso Novo, presented the operation known as ‘Visit the main “Fallas” with the EMT network’, which provides the opportunity to visit the 14 “fallas” included in the competition’s Special Section, as well as the monument erected in the City Square, using EMT’s regular lines, to the media. The proposed routes for this “recommended journey” were the 1, 2, 19, 31, 32, 61, 62, 64, 73, 90 and 95. To coincide with the operation, some 35000 brochures were published in English and Spanish and distributed. In order to complement the information provided to the users, during the celebration of “Las Fallas” (16th to 19th March), EMT’s “red jackets” were available in the city’s streets to respond to visitors’ needs and doubts.




‘‘The whole of Valencia a bus journey away’

In order to promote the use of public buses among local residents, EMT launched a campaign under the slogan ‘The whole of Valencia a bus journey away’, making it clear the EMT is a company that is close to its customers, their transport needs and capable of taking them to any point within the city.

Filming of the short “6 faces” (6 caras)

For a few hours, EMT Valencia’s buses were converted into improvised stages for the filming of the short film titled ‘6 caras’, coproduced by Fundación Asindown and Cinesin. The purpose of the film is to use cinema as art and therapy for people with this disability.

New information panels

During its meeting in June, the Board of EMT Valencia approved the installation of new information panels at bus stops in order to extend the real-time information on bus arrivals. A total of 270 panels have been installed throughout the city.



Updating of nightbus lines

emt2009_055During July, EMT’s nightbus network was updated with the modification of existing routes and the launch of new services in the form of ten radial routes: N1, N2, N3, N4, N5, N6, N7, N8, N9 and N10, and two circular lines, N89 and N90. This modification was designed to accommodate the movements generated by the nightlife in the city of Valencia, which especially affect Avenida de Francia, the City of Arts and Sciences and Maritime District.

EMT recieves ‘2009 CHAMBER AWARD’

EMT received the Passenger Transport Award at the Valencia Chamber of Commerce’s 11th edition of its “Chamber Awards”. The Chamber thus recognised “the work, effort and complete dedication of the company’s workforce”, as well as the company’s contribution to energy saving and environmental protection through the use of non-pollutant alternative energies. Likewise, the Chamber of Commerce and EMT signed a Collaboration Agreement on Training that will benefit the company’s employees. Alfonso Novo, Chairman of EMT, underlined that “this joint commitment by the Chamber of Commerce and EMT is translated into a clear intention to provide the highest quality in the service offered, improving passenger safety by means of recycling courses for drivers, in a continuous effort to obtain a public service that is competitive, efficient and safe for the company’s users and for Valencian society in general”.

OHSAS 18001-2007 Certificate

EMT Valencia obtained OHSAS 18001-2007 certification for its Occupational Health and Safety Management System, granted by the Spanish Standardization and Certification Agency (AENOR). This international standard is a tool that helps companies identify, prioritize and manage the possible health and occupational hazards to which their employees are exposed as part of their daily production routines. The obtaining of the OHSAS certification by EMT involves the development of a preventive organization aimed at promoting a proactive and responsible attitude toward safety at all levels, encouraging broad staff participation in preventive tasks and the adoption of preventive and corrective measures.



European F1 Grand Prix

emt2009_07During 21, 22 and 23 August the European Formula I Grand Prix was held in Valencia for the second consecutive year. For the event, EMT designed a special operation that was composed, on the one hand, of an increase in the frequency of nine regular routes (1, 2, 3, 4, 19, 30, 32, 35, 95), four special beach routes (20, 21, 22 and 23) and three nightbuses (N1, N8 and N9) and, on the other, the launch of two special lines: ‘F1 Bulevar Sur’ and ‘F1 Circuit Access’. To complement the operation, 30,000 information brochures containing maps of the special routes in Spanish and English were published and distributed.





EMT, a 100% ecological fleet: 15 new Scania N 230 buses

On September 22, 2009, 15 new biodiesel Scania N 230 buses entered in operation, meaning that as of the mentioned date EMT has been operating a 100% ecological fleet. These new units were assigned to the 26 ‘Benifaraig-Poeta Querol’ and ‘La Torre-Mercat Central’ 27 routes, which in turn connect the hamlets Benifaraig and La Torre, respectively.

Scania N230 buses

emt2009_08The new Scania buses, fitted with Castrosua bodywork, were acquired to replace EMT older units, and thus contribute to the modernization and updating of a fleet that has an average age of 7 years. The new buses measure 12 metres long by 2.55 metres wide and have capacity for 66 standing passengers, 25 seated passengers (4 of which are reserved for senior citizens, adults with babies or pregnant women), 1 place for a wheelchair and person with reduced mobility and another for the driver’s compartment. They are also fitted with a platform and ramp, three access doors, an anti-slip floor and LED panels.

The addition of these buses contributes greatly to improving air quality in Valencia (they comply with the Euro 4 standard and have been prepared to comply with more stringent standards such as Euro 5 and EEV, Enhanced Environmentally-friendly Vehicle), constituting a source of renewable and inexhaustible energy given its vegetable origin, reducing dependence on fossil fuels and facilitating compliance with the European strategy for sustainable mobility.

4th Edition of the ‘A DAY WITHOUT MY CAR’ drawing competition

Under the slogan ‘Improve your city’s climate’, the City Council and EMT launched the 4th Edition of the “A Day Without My Car” drawing competition for schoolchildren. The winner was Patricia Sánchez, an 11-year old schoolgirl who studies at the Miguel Hernández state school.



EMT and the University

emt2009_09Coinciding with the extension of route 41 along Avenida de Tarongers (Polytechnic University and Valencia University), EMT launched a “nearness” campaign among the students and staff of both universities. The campaign included the edition of pocket-sized area plans, including EMT routes, schedules and complementary information, which were distributed by the “Barri Bus Info” service.

EMT occupies the vice-chairmanship of ATUC

On 30 October, following the termination of the 26th National Collective Urban Transport Companies (ATUC) Congress, EMT Valencia took over the vice-chairmanship for buses. ATUC, which is based in Madrid, comprises more than 70 private and public bus, metro and railway companies that are responsible for urban collective transport in the main Spanish cities. The member companies represent more than 40,000 workers and transport more than 3,000,000,000 passengers per year.

By assuming the vice-chairmanship, EMT Valencia takes on a commitment to defend the interests of the member companies through contact with state and regional public authorities, to promote the use of urban and suburban transport and to propose and study collective action to achieve this purpose.



Tariff freeze

On 10 November, EMT announced that it had taken the decision to freeze its prices and not to raise the tariffs of its passes during 2010. Gold Passes, Bus Passes and One-way Tickets can be acquired throughout 2010 at the same prices as in 2009. Alfonso Novo, Chairman of EMT, pointed out that “the country’s economic climate confirms the advisability of maintaining the current tariffs and of not applying increases”.



Contracting of the purchase of 20 new buses

In December, the Board of EMT Valencia announced the purchase of 20 biodiesel-powered buses, which are to join the company’s fleet in 2010. The new units have been contracted from Mercedes-Benz and Scania.

Christmas card competition

8-year old Carmen Torrijos Saiz was the winner of the 8th EMT Valencia Christmas card competition with a sketch that recreated the world at Christmas and in which buses are the main option for transporting people in a sustainable manner.

Carmen Torrijos’ drawing was used by EMT and City Council’s Circulation Delegation to wish their employees a happy Christmas.

Expojove 2009

As in previous years, EMT participated in Expojove. During this edition, the company’s stand, which was presented under the slogan ‘Expojove dresses for the cinema’, was divided into 9 different areas in which visitors, and especially children, were able to enjoy the fascinating world of the cinema. A bus adorned with a reproduction of the winning drawing from the “European Day Without My Car” competition, by Patricia Sánchez Agulleiro, was also present on the stand. EMT, aware of the large number of visitors attracted to Expojove each year, increased the service of its 62 route and published posters explaining the extended schedule.