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In the case of disagreement over the air conditioning on the bus, who has the final say?

The driver.


Where is the Customer Service Office?

At “Plaza Correo Viejo, nº5” Tel. 96 315 85 15, Colon underground station and UPV.


I have twins. Can I use the ramp to get on the bus?

Yes, but only if you have a double stroller. You cannot use the ramp with a single stroller.


I have sent a complaint. When will I get a reply?

At most 20 working days from the day the complaint is received.


How can I get information about EMT employment offers ?

Calling the Central Office, 96-315.85.00.


Can I use the special seatbelts on adapted busses to hold my baby’s pram?

No, they have a special size adapted to wheelchairs and therefore should not be used for anything else.


What document regulates the service and also specifies the rights and duties of customers?

“El Reglamento de Prestación y Uso del Transporte Urbano en autobuses para la Ciudad de Valencia”(Regulations for offering and use of Urban Transport for the City of Valencia), approved by the City Council and that is being applied since September 2005.


We are a group of friends. How many wheelchairs can access the busses that use ramps?

A total amount that is never above the number of seatbelts or special hooks.


I have two children under six. How many tickets must I buy?

One, because although children under six travel free, this is limited to two childs travelling free per one accompanying adult.


How can I request a special service?

By calling the Central Office, 96-315.85.00.


How can I request the special service for disabled people?

By calling the following phone number: 96-315.85.25.


I have a small child. Can I get on the bus without folding the stroller?

Yes, via the front door and at your own risk. We recommend that you fold the stroller.


Can to get on the bus with a pet?

Authorized access guide dog users when accompanying blind and assistance dogs properly identified with the accreditation of Generalitat Valenciana and of EMT Valencia.



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