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Is the T-1 valid for 24 hours?

A T-1 card is valid for the day of travel only.


When does the 30-day period begin on my AT monthly pass?

As soon as you touch in & make your first journey. Every time you use your pass on EMT buses &/or underground, the card reader will remind you of the expiry date.


With my Bonobús Plus pass, can I make as many journeys as I want (even 2 or 3 on the same route) up to 60 minutes after touching in?

Yes, you can travel on any EMT route, in any direction and as many times as you want for up to 60 minutes after touching in for the first time.


Do I have to wait until my AT monthly pass (Móbilis fomat) expires before I can top it up with another 30 days unlimited travel?

No, you can top it up with another 30 days unlimited travel before the previous 30-day period has expired.


I have lost my Bono Oro (Pensioner’s BusPass). How can I get a replacement?

Go to Pl. Correo Viejo, n.5  to request the duplicate. There is a charge of 5€ for this service.



How many journeys do I need to make for it to be worth my while getting an AT monthly pass?

If you are a frequent traveller and you make 4 or more journeys a day on EMT buses &/or the underground, an AT monthly pass offers considerable savings.


I hold an AT monthly pass. Can I use it on the date it expires?

Yes, you have paid for 30 days unlimited travel and you can use your pass until 11.59 p.m. on the day it expires. The card reader on the bus will display the expiry date.


Can other people travelling with me use my Bonobús Plus pass and change buses too?

Yes, up to 15 people can travel on the same BonoBús Plus pass and they can also change buses as many times as they want within the 60 minute limit. Simply touch in at the card reader on the bus as many times as there are people travelling.


Can I travel if I get on a bus with only 1 minute of valid travel time left on my Bonobús Plus pass?

Yes, you can start another journey with just 1 minute of valid travel time left on your Bonobús Plus pass and you can complete that journey, however long it takes.


If the driver finds something wrong with my ticket can he confiscate it?

Yes, you will pay for the ticket and if the inspector is involved you will also pay a fine. If the inspector is not present, you will have to pay the fine after 12 noon the following day and within 10 days, at the customer services office.


I'm an Bonobús Plus user. How is my personal information treated?

We guarantee the confidentiality of your personal information in accordance with current legislation.


I know about the AT card but I wanted to know if there is a specific card for transfering between busses.

The Bonobús Plus allows you to travel for an hour or travel limit lines. The B-T has a total of 10 trips but it allows you to transfer to another bus on each one of those trips; from 3 to 50 minutes after the machine first checks your pass for that trip. You cannot transfer to another bus of same route.



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