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EMT Valencia

Pl. Correu Vell, 5
46001 Valencia

Tel. Oficina de Atención
al Cliente: 96 315 85 15

Environmental Policy


 caracteristicasThe MUNICIPAL TRANSPORT COMPANY OF VALENCIA (EMT-Empresa Municipal de Transportes de Valencia), which is dedicated to offering an urban transport service for citizens as well as those services derived from this (such as the maintenance, repair and parking of the fleet at the company's north and south depot), makes the commitment to comply with and constitute the current environmental and health hazards legislation and regulations that affect it's activity, employees and the geographical area in which it is found. It will also keep making an effort to reduce, avoid or eliminate the environmental risks and the health hazards when possible. In order to do all this, the company has established the following guidelines:


  • INTEGRATE in the Management company policy,the environmental and safety criteria in the planning and decision making processes.

  • COMMITMENT to the compliance of the current legislation and other requisites the organisation may consider.

  • PREVENT pollution and the hurts and health deterioration and set goals in order to achieve constant improvement of the management system.

  • MINIMIZE the production of residues when possible and OPTIMIZE the use of prime matter.

  • REDUCE the employees health hazards, identified for the management system

  • DISTRIBUTE the management policy between the interesting parts and accept suggestions.

  • PROMOTE the teaching and the creation of an environmental and a health hazard conscience for the employees of the company concerning the need to protect them self and conserve the environment.

  • EVALUATE the environmental effect and the health hazards caused by the company activity on a yearly basis, specially those aspects related to the maintenance and improvement of the Management System.

  • DEVELOP exterior communication systems in order to inform potentially affected groups and communities about the companies activities related with the health prevention and the conservation of the environment.


With the compliance of these points, we the board of directors of the MUNICIPAL TRANSPORT COMPANY OF VALENCIA are certain that we will contribute to the necessary connection between technological and economic development and the actions needed to improve the workplace safety and conserve and protect the environment.




Valencia, November 5, 2015
D. Josep-Enric García Alemany
Managing Director