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EMT Valencia

Pl. Correu Vell, 5
46001 Valencia

Tel. Oficina de Atención
al Cliente: 96 315 85 15



urbanbatEMT currently possesses two of the most modern technical installations: South Depot and Central Garage (1995) and North Depot, which are used to park, repair, maintain and clean the busses. These installations which have a residue treatment system (which seperates grease, water, residues and solvents) and a disposable battery collection system, have been beneficiaries of one of the new projects, which is the "Ayuntamiento de Valencia" driven and approved in the Life Medioambiente 2003 reunion: the URBANBAT.


The main objective of the URBANBAT project, is for the the set of maintenance actions of an organization or urban transport company to form part of the framework of a "clean" integrated process using simple technologies at reasonable costs.

Líquid Management Model

This project includes management strategies for the residues in order to control it's treatment and re-use. The treated residues are quite common in any public transport company:
- Water used cleaning the bus exterior.
- Water used cleaning the moter.
- Water used to clean the radiators.
- Acid from used up batteries.
- Refrigerating fluids.
- Brake fluid.

Collaboration and Funding

The Life URBANBAT project, which has a development period which is estimated to begin during December 2003 and end in May 2006, consists of the following collaborators:
- Empresa Municipal de Transportes (EMT), the projects beneficiary.
- Ayuntamiento de Valencia.
- Asociación de Investigación de la Industria Metalmecánica, Afines y Conexas (AIMME).
- Innove Verda.
- Federación Empresarial Metalúrgica Valenciana (FEMEVAL-FEVAUTO).
- Asociación de Empresas Gestoras de los Transportes Urbanos Colectivos (ATUC).


Download Urbanbat Document