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Altrobus and Europolis 



electricoThe necessity to offer public transport adapted to specific urban environments, such as the historical center of the city, entailed within the "Proyecto Valencia", funded by the IMPIVA, the awarding of the supply of a bus model ( the ALTROBUS 6 metros) to the IRSIBUS company. The objective was the implementation in December of 1999 of a new bus line, the 5B "CIUTAT VELLA", incorporating the use of hybrid vehicles with electronic traction and thermal autogeneration.

Advantages of altrobus

  • Reduction of Gas emissions.

  • Possibility to continue journey with the motogenerator turned off.

  • Reduction of noise pollution.

  • Autonomy not limited by the battery.

  • Comfortable.




The EUROPOLIS, is a 2 door, low continuous floor urban midibus, which allows passenger circulation in it's interior and includes a kneeling system that with the help of a ramp facilitates the access to the bus for people with reduced mobility as it also incorporates a reserved area for wheelchairs.

When it comes to motor elements it contains an electronic traction motor and a motor generated group formed by a thermic motor and an electric generator.

Advantages of europolis

The main advantages the use of the EUROPOLIS midibus offers are:

  • Low gas and acoustic pollution.

  • It can work exclusively with electronic traction (stationary internal combustion engine) for limited periods of time.

  • Comfortable driving, due to the absence of velocity changes and the flexibility produced by electronic traction.

  • Autonomy: the vehicle offers the same conditions of exploitation as a conventional diesel version, since it does not exhaust the energy of the batteries that are recharged by the diesel engine

Download Report Hybrid Midibus (525Kb)