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EMT Valencia

Pl. Correu Vell, 5
46001 Valencia

Tel. Oficina de Atención
al Cliente: 96 315 85 15

Compliance policy

EMPRESA MUNICIPAL DE TRANSPORTES DE VALENCIA S.A.U. (PUBLIC INSTITUTION), hereinafter EMT VALENCIA, is aware of the importance of its conduct as well as its image and reputation, which is why it carries out its activity with the utmost respect for current legislation, establishing internal guidelines, policies and procedures that guarantee compliance with it. The purpose of this Compliance Policy is to inform all members of EMT VALENCIA and third parties, suppliers, collaborators and users of the organisation's strongest rejection of conduct that involves the commission of any criminal offence or breach of the internal regulations applicable within the company, as well as its commitment to adopting and implementing measures to actively prevent and avoid behaviour that may damage the image and reputation of EMT VALENCIA, constituting the reference framework of the EMT VALENCIA Crime Prevention Plan.

The Compliance Policy applies to all members of the organisation (administrators, legal representatives, senior management personnel and, in general, all professionals who provide services for EMT VALENCIA), as well as third parties, suppliers, collaborators and users, all of whom are obliged to respect and comply with it. Consequently, a Communication Channel has been enabled, through which information can be processed in accordance with current legal requirements. To Access the enabled tool, you must accept the EMT privacy policy, as well as the internal information system policy itself.

EMT València, also has a Code of Conduct aimed at its staff, with the aim that people who carry out their work or activity in the company demonstrate integrity, ethical and profesional behavior and contribute to the good environment and commitment of the entity, reporting conduct that may damage its image or reputation, as well as relationships with suppliers or clients.


Compliance policy

Next Generation anti-fraud statement


Code of Conduct EMT Valencia


Privacy Policy

Internal information system


To report any possible fraudulent behaviour:

EMT Valencia Communication Channel


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