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What is EMTicket?

EMTicket is a mobile application that enables you to quickly, easily and securely buy single tickets from your mobile phone to travel to unlimited EMT stations for one hour from activation.



What types of tickets can I buy?


You can purchase and travel with a single ticket (€1.50), valid for one hour and with no transfer limits.




Who is EMTicket for?

EMTicket is a new service for all bus users.

If you use the bus sporadically or for tourism, it is a quick, easy and secure way to travel on the EMT network. If you use the bus more frequently with any of our vouchers or subscriptions, registering on the application enables you to purchase a ticket when you run out of credit or forget your card, so you can always travel smoothly.


Do I need to activate my tickets every time I travel?

The single ticket must be activated the first time you get on the bus and is valid for one hour. The app shows the activation date and time, as well as the remaining activation time.


How do I activate my ticket?

Once you have purchased your ticket, it is stored in your ticket wallet. To activate it, you must enter the app, select it and "activate" it (the system will ask you to confirm the activation).

Once activated, the ticket is transformed into a dynamic screen that has a band of colours that will change, it shows the date and time and indicates that it is active and how much time is remaining.


Can I transfer between lines?

Yes, for up to one hour from the ticket activation. You can make any number of transfers. Remember that whenever you get on the bus you must have an active ticket and show it to EMT València staff. If you are travelling more than one hour you must buy and activate a second ticket.


Do mobile tickets purchased and not activated expire?

Single tickets purchased and not activated are valid for 60 days. After this period, they expire and their amount cannot be used or returned.


How does EMT València know that I have a valid ticket?

The single mobile ticket must be shown to EMT València staff to verify that it is valid and activated.


How do I access the bus?

There is no need to validate your ticket. However, when boarding the bus, whether you go up through the front or the central door, you must show the driver the screen of your active ticket.

You should also show it in case of routine inspection when required by EMT personnel.



What do I do if an EMT employee requests to inspect my mobile ticket?

If requested to do so, please open the application and use the drop-down menu to show the colour band that indicates that your ticket is active.


What happens to my EMTicket account if I attempt to use my tickets fraudulently?

In the event of suspicion or reporting by any member of the EMT València team, account activity may be suspended. 

Remember that travelling on the bus without a valid ticket, voucher or subscription may be subject to penalty pursuant to EMT València regulations in the “penalty regime” section.


Do I have to set up an account to be able to use single tickets on my mobile phone?

Yes, you need to register a user account by email and enter a secure password.

Once the account has been verified and authenticated, it will also speed up the ticket purchase process, since you can save your card details for subsequent purchases.


Will my mobile ticket work if I lose coverage or wi-fi signal?

Yes, the application allows the use and activation of purchased tickets even without coverage or wi-fi signal. The connection is only necessary during the purchase process.

Remember that our entire fleet offers free wi-fi. Feel free to use it to buy your tickets if you need to and travel without incident.


What happens if my mobile stops working (for example, low battery) before I show my mobile ticket?

In general, you are responsible for having a mobile phone in good working order and usable before boarding the bus. 

If the active ticket cannot be shown to the EMT driver or inspector, it will not be possible to get on the bus or continue the trip.


If I travel with friends and family, can I activate more than one ticket on my phone?

Yes, you can buy up to 10 single tickets per transaction and accumulate up to 20 in the wallet on your mobile device.


What happens if I lose my mobile device or buy a new device?

If you lose or change your phone, when you download the application and access with your username and password all the saved data of purchases and tickets purchased, as well as their usage history, will be available on the new device automatically.



Can I get a refund for unused tickets or service interruptions?

In general, unused single tickets cannot be reimbursed.


Is the service free?

The application can be downloaded for free. 

During the process of buying and using single tickets, extra costs may occur for the use of data due to the service conditions contracted with your operator. EMT València is not responsible for expenses for the use of data from the mobile phone operating company as a result of the purchase or use of the single ticket application. Consult your mobile service provider for any additional details.

Remember that you can take advantage of the free wi-fi network that EMT offers throughout the fleet to buy and activate your ticket and thus avoid possible extra costs.


Is the app available for all devices?

The app is available for most iOS and Android devices installed with recent operating systems (two years or less). Previous software versions may not be compatible.



Does the app store my credit or debit card details?

For ease of use, you have the option to store your credit card details for future transactions. In any case, this storage is secure and pursuant to current legislation and the conditions accepted at the time of registering in the system.


What security mechanisms are in place to protect my personal data?

The platform is fully certified and compliant with the Payment Card Industry (PCI-DSS) standards. All communication regarding payment is fully encrypted through SSL, the stored sensitive data is highly encrypted and all systems are constantly monitored to detect any security vulnerability.



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