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Physically Disabled

Terms and conditions for use of special transport for physically disabled

What is it?

Another type of bus whose purpose is to replace the general bus service, when the user, due to disability, can not use the existing service.

How is the service given?

By calling the following Telephone No: 96 315 85 25 and requesting the service to the Municipal Transport Company. If it is a fixed service, for example, transport to work, study center, Rehabilitation Center, etc., you only have to request it once. From that moment on it remains fixed.

Where is the service given?

In the municipality of Valencia.

What is its price?

The same as the general service in fares and modalities.

Criteria of priority for the use of the service

  1. The people that the service must attend to are those mentioned in points 1 and 7 of the Terms of Minibus Service for Physically Handicapped People with severe diseases of the locomotor device. When the degree of illness of the beneficiary is so slight that he can use the conventional busses with normality, he/she may be obliged to pass a medical examination; if the beneficiary refuses to attend this requirement he will no longer be allowed to use the service, until proven that he/she is in need of it.

  2. The order of attention of the demands will be:

    • Periodic fixed.

    • Sporadic with 48 hours notice.

    • Sporadic.

  3. For the selection of range 1 demands, the criteria of application is that which tends to absorb the greatest number of possible services on all occasions; distorting to the minimum the itineraries-schedules which have been already set up, (periodic fixed services) and trying to fit the greatest number of sporadic services possible, according to the priority established in point 2 (mentioned previously).

  4. When giving fixed services the appropriate itineraries will take into account the following points:

    • The number of possible users that can use the service in every case.

    • A service is undeferable, ·by defenition (a work or study schedule can not be changed whereas going shopping can be modified).

  5. When you are giving a fixed service and are presented with the alternative between two hypothetically equal users (referring to the rest of the points)· their degree of ?physical disability will determine who has the priority to receive the service. The one with the higher degree will have priority

  6. The procedure for sporadic calls is stipulated in the norms of Minibus Service for Physicaly Handicapped People with severe disease of the locomotor device: For the sporadic services the only priority is the order of the call that requests the service


Empresa Municipal de Transportes (EMT)

Plaza Correo Viejo, 5
Special transport:
Tel. 96 315 85 25 (Workdays from 8 am to 1 pm)
Tel. 96 315 85 00 (Workdays after 1 pm , Saturday and Holidays)



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