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EMT Valencia

Pl. Correu Vell, 5
46001 Valencia

Tel. Oficina de Atención
al Cliente: 96 315 85 15


Providing a public service that meets and effectively responds to the needs of its users is one of EMT Valencia’s maxims. That is why customer welfare is the goal of all the actions carried out by the company to achieve excellence in its services.

To do so, it is not sufficient to attend the needs, complaints, suggestions and desires of our customers and to satisfy them fully, but it is also necessary to include added value and to provide a level of quality in accordance with their expectations. In pursuit of this objective, EMT Valencia has become the first Spanish urban bus company to commit itself to implementing and surpassing the requirements established by the European EN 13816 standard for transport services in all its lines, providing the best guaranteed service at competitive prices.


What is the UNE-EN 13816 standard?

A European directive that establishes parameters so that operators of collective passenger transport services and, in this case, EMT Valencia are able to assume commitments to quality and schedule a service that meets the needs and expectations of their customers. In the case of EMT Valencia, this standard has been certified by the Spanish Agency for Standardization and Certification (AENOR).

With the implementation of this standard, which is aimed at the adoption of preventive rather than corrective measures, EMT has embarked on a path that sees daily improvements in its condition as an efficient company and allows it to carry out its mission in accordance with a set of defining values: 

  • Customer satisfaction is the goal.

  • Quality of service is the means.

  • The employees are responsible for reaching the goal.


Why has EMT Valencia applied the UNE-EN 13816 standard?

For a public transport service to be competitive, especially in comparison to other alternatives such as private vehicles, it is essential to adopt, in the manner of EMT Valencia through the mentioned certification, authentic quality commitments, and especially in 8 key areas: 

  1. Service offered

  2. Accessibility

  3. Universally available information

  4. Regularity and punctuality

  5. Customer attention

  6. Comfort

  7. Safety

  8. Environmental Impact

Furthermore, it is essential to respond regularly to these demands and to transmit a message with conviction. Thus, and as is the case of EMT, it is possible to improve and optimize the service and the perception that users obtain of the same.


What does a 100% Certified Quality Service mean for EMT Valencia?

. That Valencia is the 1st large city in Spain to achieve this

. That EMT Valencia is 100% focused on customer satisfaction

. That we understand Service Quality in the same terms as our customers: Accessibility, Safety, Service, Ecology, Comfort, Flexibility, Regularity and Information.

. That more than 90 million passengers enjoy our quality guarantee.

. That the service quality reaches all the city’s neighbourhoods.


What are the benefits to be obtained from the implementation of the UNE-EN 13816 standard?

- An improvement in the competitiveness and quality of public transport

- Greater trust on the customer’s behalf in the service offered Ú Strengthens and promotes the company's image among the society

- Ensures the satisfaction of customers who understand the bus service as a response to their needs and expectations

- The availability of a controlled service, allowing cost savings

- Continuous improvement in the Management System

- Facilitates better control of EMT’s processes

- Enables the company to access data for making important decisions, such as:

  • Costs

  • Customer satisfaction

  • Operation of suppliers

  • Identify and solve potential problems

  • Undertake improvement actions on behalf of the users

- Greater environmental conservation in the city of Valencia


What does having all the lines certified in accordance with the European UNE-EN 13816 standard mean?

  1. 100% Quality Guarantee

  2. 90 million passengers travel using certified lines

  3. 21.2 million kilometres covered per year

  4. The service quality reaches all the city’s neighbourhoods.


How does the fact that EMT Valencia operates a bus service that is 100% quality certified affect the customer?

 Our customers travel in buses which are:

  • 100% ecological

  • Accessible

  • Modern

  • Clean

  • Safe

  • Comfortable

They have access to information that is:

  • Customized

  • Presented in real time

  • Pertinent

They enjoy a service that is:

  • Regular and punctual

  • Reliable

  • Comfortable

  • Flexible