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EMT 2006-2008  

EMT: 2006, twenty years of existence

emt06_01On the 17th of January 2006, the EMT celebrated the 20th anniversary of its creation, an anniversary that is commemorated by various events that take place during the year. Due to the renovation of the "Avenida del Puerto", lines 1, 2, 3, 4, 19, 30 and nocturnal line N1B, start circulating in only one direction (On this avenue) towards the Port, and going back in the other direction through the following streets: Juan Verdeguer, Ibiza, Menorca and Islas Canarias.

On the 1st of April, Jesús Herrero Gamón, was elected the EMT's new managing director, replacing the retiring Ramón Ruiz Hernández.

On the 18th of May, the EMT, in order to continue with it's environmental policy, presents 15 new busses run on GNC (10 IRISBÚS/IVECO Cityclass and 5 MAN NL 243 GNC).

emt06_02These vehicles were sponsored by 15 of Valencia's public schools. On the 24th of May, 2 units of the Dennis Dart Habit model busses , which were destined to be used by physically disabled people, were presented. These two busses were sponsored by "Cottolengo" and "La Nostra Casa". Both presentations were atended by the Mayoress , Rita Barberá, the president of the EMT's board of directors, Alfonso Novo and the managing director, Jesús Herrero.

A month later, on the 18th of June, the EMT celebrates its first "Open Doors" day for family, children and friends of EMT employees. More than 700 people attended. 

EMT developed the Employee Portal, which s a computerized instrument destined to establish a more comfortable and fluid relationship between the company and its employees, 75% of which offer their services from an decentralised and dynamic workplace such as a bus.

Due to the accident suffered on Line 1 of the subway ("Metro"), on the 3rd of July, the EMT prepared special measures to facilitate the mobility of all users by reinforcing lines 62, 63 and 72.


Service "Puerta a Puerta"

With the new Dennis Dart Habit busses, the EMT has 4 units specifically dedicated to "door to door" service for physically disabled people. These busses have a low floor, a ramp and a kneeling system just like the rest of the busses and they also contain a platform which allows access to the inside of the bus for people in wheelchairs.

emt06_04On the 21'st of September at the City Council building's "Salón de Cristal", the Mayoress, Rita Barberá, presented the book "Tranvías, Trolebuses y Autobuses. La Empresa Municipal de Transportes de Valencia" (Trams, trolley busses,and busses. Valencia's Municipal Transport Company), which was published by the EMT and written by Hermenegildo Cerezo. Throughout its 360 pages, it takes a look back at the history of urban transport from 1876 to 2005.

During the events related to the "V Encuentro Mundial de las Familias" (5th Worldwide Family Meeting) which counted on the presence of the pope, Benedicto XVI, the EMT organized special services that transported a million passengers between the 1st and the 9th of July.

At the end of that month the EMT donated 5 out of service Renault PR. 100.2A busses to the city of Malabo (Equatorial Guinea).

emt06_05In October, the EMT started selling a special commemorative bonobus in order to celebrate its 20th anniversary 400.000 of these passes were prepared for sale.

During the year, lines 19, 95 and the nocturnal lines obtained UNE-EN 13816A norm quality certification.

Starting on the 20th of November, lines N1A and N1B became N1 and N8. In December, the EMT announced its intention to acquire two busses run on hydrogen. The EMT, along with the bus brand MAN and other Spanish companies participate in a project to implant these types of non polluting vehicles in urban transport fleets.


emt06_06On the 27th of December, 23 articulated busses (15 Irisbús Citelis and 8 VAN HOOL AG 300), destined to give service on lines 89 and 90 were presented. These busses would start circulating on the 1st of January 2007. Putting these busses in circulation has involved modifying 33 stops in the network. That same month, 4 informative panels located at stops in lines 14 and 81 that show the exact time for the busses arrival ,started working.

Over 103 million passengers.

During 2006 a total amount of 103.639.630 clients used the EMT's urban bus lines. This is an increase of 851.425 passengers compared to the year before. The lines with a larger increase in passengers were17,61 and 95.

EMT 2007, respect for the Environment

Continuing with it's policy to help countries in need, on the 8th of February, the EMT's board of directors agreed to donated 6 busses to the city of La Habana (Cuba), and another 6 to Santa Cruz de la Sierra (Bolivia).

emt06_07On the 14th of March, at the dock of Valencia's port, the Mayoress Rita Barbera, along with the president of the board of directors , Alfonso Novo and the managing director, Jesus Herrero, presented the citizens with 20 new units of IRISBUS Cityclass busses with a NOGE structure and run on GNC. These busses are completely respectful of the environment and started circulating on lines 27 and 29 of the network on the 23rd of that month. 

On the 28th of May, 20 MAN NL 243 GNC busses started giving service on lines 62 and 72 of the network. With their incorporation, the EMT's bus fleet increases its number of GNC run busses to 70.



emt06_08Since 2006, schools in the city of Valencia have sponsored all the units acquired by EMT. Up until December 31, 2007, the total number of sponsored units was 73 (30 Iveco Cityclass CNG, 15 articulated Iveco units, 8 articulated Van Hool units and 20 MAN CNG). The buses subsequently paid a courtesy visit to their respective schools during the spring of 2007.





April 2007 saw the inauguration of the C19 route to facilitate transport to the port for all those interested in attending the America's Cup races. During the first weekend of July, 62,000 customers used EMT to attend the sailing competition.



Commemorative exhibition

In October 2007, EMT participated in the exhibition commemorating the fiftieth anniversary of the 1957 flood, giving selflessly to the same diverse assets owned.


As a consequence of the pedestrianization of Calle Arzobispo Mayoral, routes 10, 11, 40, N3 and N6 were modified in June.

From July 2, EMT customers have access via SMS to information on bus arrivals at EMT’s bus stops. 18,000 consultations were received throughout the summer.

As of July 24th and as a result of the works on the new T2 tram line around the Norte train station and Gran Via Germania, routes 2, 3, 6, 7 , 8, 14, 15, 19, 22, 31, 35, 40, 41, 80 and N7 were modified. These alterations in turn produced further detours on routes 2, 3, 7, 8, 22, 41, 80 and N7 as of July 30.

During its meeting held on 20th September, the board of EMT agreed on the acquisition of 9 biodiesel-powered articulated Evobús-Mercedes buses and 2 CNG-powered city buses. These new units were acquired for the ‘5B-Ciutat Vella' route.


A study published in October by Consumer magazine ranked EMT among the best public transport companies in Spain, emphasizing its "punctuality, frequency, safety, customer information and savings-orientation"  (‘Qué' newspaper, 16/10/07).


Routes 11 and N5 were altered on 12th November to improve the access for residents living in the Orriols and Patraix neighbourhoods to the city centre.


On December 11, 2007, EMT launched its new website. The many improvements to the site’s design and functionality include the incorporation of a useful Route Search Engine and an Employee Portal.


The following week, the Chairman of the EMT Board presented 5-year old Alba Monzó Caballero, a student at the Martí Sorolla School, with the first prize obtained in the 2007 Car-free Day Contest.

emt06_13emt06_13Furthermore, on December 18th 6-year old Alicia Pardo Griñan was presented with the first prize for the “Christmas travels with EMT” drawing contest.




2008 Service improvements

As of 1st January 2008, numbers 1, 2 and 95 had their routes changed in order to provide a better service for the extension of Alameda and Serrería boulevard. In the same month, as a consequence of the Gran Vía de Germanías tunnel being re-opened to traffic, normal service was resumed for routes 2, 3, 6, 35, 41 and 80.

emt06_14Light NISSAN Cabstar Vehicle, fitted with articulated platform indicated in order to carry out work up to an elevation of 18 metres.

Rafael Sánchez, José Miguel Herrero and Jesús Martos, grouped under the name Equipo Prometeo, won the Crochet Bag Competition for bus drivers. On 30th January, EMT was awarded the N certificate by AENOR (Spanish certification Association) for routes 13, 26 and 89.In February, a support vehicle was acquired, which was equipped with an articulated platform in order to carry out work up to elevation of 18 metres.


E-bus information system

In February, the 52 EMT bus routes were incorporated into the E-bus information service via text. EMT's aim by making this improvement is to reduce the amount of time of users have to spend at bus stops. This service enables them to find out, with sufficient notice, the time their next bus will arrive so that passengers can manage their time in a way that suits them.


Between the 6th and 9th of March, the Luis Puig velodrome hosted the World Indoor Athletics Championship, which EMT covered extensively. As a result a commemorative bonobus ticket was issued.

At the beginning of April, the new facilities at San Isidro were opened, which consisted of:

  • A GNC garage.

  • A cleaning garage.

  • A interior garage

  • A charging point for GNC buses with room for 25 double spaces.


emt06_16On 31st March, the MARE E-Mobility Project was completed. Developed in order to optimise mobility for the citizens of Valencia. Beginning from 1st January 2007, EMT took part in this Project along with Ferrocarrils de la Generalitat Valenciana (FGV), the City Chamber of Odivelas and the cities of Loures and Lisbon (Portugal), as well as the Mobility and Infrastructure Agency and the regions of Savona and Della Spexia (Italy). In order to bring transport closer to its users, E-Mobility has acted simultaneously on five different fronts: using various technological devices (website, mobiles and PDA's), an interconnection with FGV (check points), Bluetooth and voice services (at bus shelters), information Kiosks (strategic network locations) and informative panels (on EMT bus stops and Metro stations).


emt06_17On 28th May, there was a presentation of 9 articulated buses in the Plaza del Ayuntamiento, which were acquired by EMT and destined for the number 90 route Circular-Ronda Trànsits. The new acquisitions are Mercedes-Benz, model O 530 Cítaro G, and come fitted with a low platform, a ramp and a kneeling system.




Urbanbat project

emt06_18On 4th June, the President of the EMT Directorate, Alfonso Novo, went to Brussels to pick up the prize awarded by the Directorate General for the Environment at the European Commission awarded to the LIFE-URBANBAT Project, which was led by our company.

Promoted by the city council of Valencia, LIFE-URBANBAT is defined as a management model for residual liquids, a forerunner in the European Union, which is based on optimising water consumption and reducing the environmental impact and increasing the shelf life of raw materials, as pointed out on that very same day by Alfonso Novo when he stated that "this project reflects the sensibility of Valencians and EMT to save and take advantage of water, and EMT, the Valencian company, is a pioneer in developing a system prototype which allows water to be recycled and re-used in different phases of washing vehicles". It is worth remembering that, in the 2004-05 editions, the LIFE-EVOBÚS project, also led by EMT, was named "Best Life-Environment".


The most important thing is you

emt06_18In June and July, under the logo, "THE MOST IMPORTANT THING IS YOU", EMT launched an intense campaign in order to guarantee and improve safety for our passengers. As a consequence, various informative leaflets were distributed in conjunction with our "live" information updates.

Continuing with its policy of optimising the service EMT provides to Valencians, 5th July saw the re-tracing of new routes for numbers 6, 8, 80 and N7.


New bus sponsors

emt06_19Under the campaign heading "SPONSER YOUR BUS", 17th May and 19th June 2008 saw EMT visit the CEIP LUIS BRAILLE and JUAN COMENIUS schools. On both visits approximately 800 children were taught about all of the information surrounding the characteristics and workings of the sponsored buses.




Valencia Formula 1 Grand Prix

On Sunday 24thy August, Valencia held the Formula 1 Grand Prix. Throughout this weekend, in addition to the 15 routes that already pass through the area where the circuit is, we added a further 4 special routes:





  • 74: AN ASSUT-NATZARET, a free route which served as a shuttle.


On the Sunday, another route was added to the service: -78 E3 - CENTRO CIRCUITO, which was set up to connect the surrounding areas of the circuit with the city centre. 



EMT and the Formula 1: A complex partnership

The Valencian F-1 is one of three urban circuits that make up the Formula 1 Championship along with Singapore and Monte Carlo.

In the days building up to the race, bus numbers 2, 3, 4, 19, 20, 22, 23, 30, N1 and N8 had to alter their routes and bus stops.

The shuttle bus Assut-Natzaret transported a total of 109,900 passengers.

Passengers who travelled on the specially-provided routes were kept informed as to which was the best route to take in order to reach the circuit.

In the lead up to the race, the Assut de l'Or bridge was opened only to special vehicles, taxis and EMT.

Of the 115,000 people who attended the race, 35,000 used EMT as a form of transport. Alfonso Novo, the President of the EMT Directorate, stated that "many people have worked together to ensure that everything was carried out correctly with regards to hygiene, safety and transport", as well as taking the opportunity to thank EMT workers "for the magnificent effort they made in moving some 200,000 people in barely three hours. A considerable figure if you take into account that the average total of daily passengers in Valencia is 350,000".Starting on 26th August and as a consequence of different road works carried out throughout the city, bus numbers 14, 15, 20, 62, 90, N3 and N10 experienced temporary changes to their routes and bus stops.




The new number 64 route and changes to the number 12

emt06_23On 22nd September, EMT increased its network with a new route: the number 64 ‘BENICALAP-PARC CENTRAL', whose origin points commence at nº 51 Avda. Juan XXIII and nº 1 G.V. Ramón y Cajal, respectively. The route covers 11 kilometres, connected by 36 bus stops and with an arrival time frequency of between 13 and 14 minutes. The Botanical Garden and the Valencian Museum of Illustration are just some of the emblematic places that are dotted along this new route.


The number 64 opens with 8.000 passengers

Alter only a week of coming into use, the number 64 route had already seen more than 8,000 passengers board its bus. A sign of how well the new route progressed can be noted in that 26.% of the free tickets given out were used during the first few days. The number 64 connects the Benicalap area, as well as other places such as La Fe hospital, the Botanical gardens and the Valencia Oncology Institute.Taken from ‘20 minutos' newspaper, 30/09/08


The 64 was implemented due to EMT's constant drive to adapt to the city's growth, which demands that they provide an effective transport service in faster-growing urban areas.

Similarly, the number 12, now called CIUTAT ARTISTA FALLER-PLAÇA SARAGOSSA, was adapted considerably in order to improve transport to the Sant Llorenç area.

The expected frequency of buses is about 12 minutes.


European No Car Day

emt06_25On 21st September. Valencia Town Hall and City Council organised and celebrated EUROPEAN NO CAR DAY.

Among other programmed activities, a free travel card for the day was issued and a drawing competition took place which was won by 6 year-old Salvador Laguna Martínez from the Sagrado Corazón de Jesús-Esclavas school.



Informative talks on the implementation of the BONOORO buss pass

emt06_25emt06_26During the last 3 months of 2008, a series of talks was given in local activity centres for elderly people (CMPAM's) throughout Valencia in order to explain how the new BONORO bus pass worked.





Breakdown Lorry, model E3TPS1

The new EMT breakdown lorry, made by IVECO, model E3TPS1, is 8.4 metres long and 2.5 metres wide. It is capable of towing vehicles of up to 21,000 kilos.



Collaboration with the Port Authority of Valencia

emt06_28emt06_27Commencing 14th November, once the road works had finally been completed, the routes for bus numbers 7, 8, 19, 40 and N7 were modified. Similarly, on 18th of that same month, the number 10, BENIMACLET-SANT MARCEL.LÍ, changed its timetable and its bus stops. On the same day a simulated accident took place at the Port where a bus, paid for and provided by EMT, was sunk in the water. Present at this simulation were Serafín Castellanos, the Interior Minister for the Valencian Government, the President of the Port Authority, Rafael Aznar, and a delegate from the ferry company Acciona Transmediterránea, Begoña Guerrero.


Christmas Drawing Competition

emt06_29Under the heading "EMT wishes you a Merry Christmas", the VII Edition of the traditional Christmas Drawing Competition for children of EMT employees took place. This year the winner was Eva de las Muelas Mora.






EXPOJOVE saw many activities take place under the slogan T'esperem, foraster. EMT, in collaboration with the Circulation and Transport Delegation for the Valencia Town Hall, organised a wide range of activities to highlight the benefits of using public transport.


At the company's exhibition stand, a bus with the winning drawing for September painted on it was shown to the public in order to commemorate EUROPEAN NO CAR DAY.

Once the Fair had finished, this painted bus travelled the streets of Valencia along bus route 32 making sure to stop at the door of Sagrado Corazón Esclavas, the school to which the winning artist came from, Salvador Laguna Martínez.