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Bono Oro Regulations

This is a bus pass for the over 65's, pensioners and disabled people who meet specific conditions and are registered in Valencia as well as being legal residents of Spain. It allows unlimited use of all EMT bus routes without exception from the moment the bus pass is paid for, until the end of the year. Requests are processed at the local municipal administrative offices.

Price: Depending on the year and validity period.

All year bus pass ..........18.00€ (from January to December)
9 months.......................13.50€ (from April to December)
6 months ........................9.00€ (from July to December)
3 months.........................4.50€ (from October to December)
Bono Oro........................ 2.00 €

Replacement Bono Oro bus pass due to loss or theft.....3 €

Points of sale: Tickets are processed at local municipal administrative offices and by paying the value of the bus pass in any Opencor shop, newsagent's, authorised kiosks in Valencia and EMT Customer Services Office. Once the value of the ticket has been paid it is non-refundable.


Documents to be produced:

New Bono Oro identity card.

To be purchased at:

Opencor shops, newsagent's, authorised kiosks located around the city of Valencia and EMT Customer Services Office (Pl. Correu Vell, 5 and Colon Metro Station)


Activation: As of 1st December 2011.
Collection: Card activation and topping-up of your 2012 bus pass is done in person subject to verification of your details.


New requests or losses.

Conditions applicants must meet:

Available only to legal residents of Spain who are registered in Valencia and fulfil one of the following requirements:

A) 65 or over on 1st January 2012 or on the date application was requested.  
B) Under 65 but receiving a pension (retired, widowed, orphaned or permanent disability; incapacity to do normal job, all jobs or invalidity).
C) Under 65 who is recognised as having 65% disability or greater and in receipt of a non-contributory benefit or child support benefit.

Documents to be produced:

For new requests for over 65's:

-  DNI or NIE

Under 65's in receipt of a pension:

-  DNI or NIE
-  Original, official and up-to-date certificate expedited by the Government showing the pension received under General or Special Regulations or from an alternative entity which is yet to be integrated but is included in the application process of the Social Security system or other state bodies.

People with disability of more than 65% and receiving pension or family income benefit:

- DNI or NIE
- Original, official and up-to-date certificate recognising 65% disability, or greater.
- Original, official and up-to-date certificate from the Government showing a non-contributory benefit or child support benefit received under General or Special Regulations or from an alternative entity which is yet to be integrated but is included in the application process of the Social Security system or other state bodies.

Loss of Bono Oro card

- DNI or NIE

Collection point:

New registration or loss of Bono Oro card:
- At the local municipal administrative office which corresponds to the holder's registration in the city.


New registration or loss of Bono Oro card:
- Collection: on receipt of the request and once the staff at the local administrative offices have checked that the requirements have been met.


Once you have collected the card, you will be directed to any of the Opencor shops, newsagent's or authorised kiosks in Valencia to activate it and top-up the corresponding amount purchased. In the case of re-issue for lost or stolen cards, 3 € will be charged for the card itself and the previous yearly bus-pass that was in use will be replaced free of charge and last until 31st December 2012.

Amounts to be paid - 2012:

New registration and loss of Bono Oro card:
-  Creation of new Bono Oro card: 2 €
-  Re-issue of duplicate card due to loss or theft of Bono Oro.....3 €
-  Purchase of Annual Bono according to validity period:
From 01/01/12 to 31/12/12 (all year)..........................................18.00 €
or From 01/04/12 to 31/12/12 (last 9 months of the year)..........13.50 €
or From 01/07/12 to 31/12 /12 (last 6 months of the year).......... 9.00 €
or From 01/10/12 to 31/12/12 (last 3 months of the year)........... 4.50 €

Checking details and automatic renewal:

Cards issued to over 65's will automatically be extended provided that, on 1st January 2012, the individual meets the requirements for that year as set out in the regulations approved by the City Council and provided that the individual meets the corresponding cost for the new year.
Cards issued to under 65's will automatically be re-issued provided that the cardholder appears as requested by the Administration to confirm that he/she meets the requirements for obtaining the card.  .
EMT (Empresa Municipal de Transportes) and the City Council of Valencia will regularly check the details provided when obtaining a Bono Oro bus pass. They will annul the use of the Bono Oro in cases where a person is found to no longer meet the requirements set out, if there is any improper use of the bus pass or when payment of the card or the season bus pass has not been made.

Local Municipal Administrative Offices 2012


C/ Matías Perelló, numbers 5 and 7. Corresponding to area numbers 2, 10 and 19. Tel.: (0034) 963 525 478 Extension 4245
C/ Alberique (main entrance Abastos Market). Corresponding to area numbers 3 and 7. Tel.: (0034) 963 525 478 Extension 4500
C/ Miguelete number. 1. Corresponding to area number 1. Tel.: 963 525 478 Extension 4159
C/ Francesc Cubells, number. 58. Corresponding to area numbers 11, 12 and 13. Tel.: (0034) 963 525 478 Extension 4257 and 4258
C/ Conde de Lumiares number. 5. Corresponding to area numbers 4, 5, 15 (Neighbourhood 2), 16, 17 and 18. Tel.: (0034) 963 525 478 Extension 4367
C/ Guardia Civil s/n. (Alquería Martí) Corresponding to area numbers 6, 14 and 15 (Neighbourhoods 1 and 3). Tel.: (0034) 963 525 478 Extension 4331
C/ Beato Nicolás Factor number. 1. Corresponding to area numbers 8 and 9. Tel.: (0034) 963 525 478 Extension 4052 and 4053

For any additional information, you can visit the previously mentioned local authorities or go to the EMT Customer Services Office - Tel. (0034)  96 315 85 15